Why You Should Consider Batik Shirt and Dress Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift idea for any occasion? You might want to give your loved ones something that will remind them of you and your good intention, no matter the event. If that’s the case, we highly recommend a Batik shirt in Singapore as a gift, you can also give a dress version for the ladies. Batik is a type of handmade fabric treatment, traditional to Indonesia and some parts of the South-East Asian region. If you wonder what makes this piece a great gift, here are some of the reasons we have compiled for you!

Batik boasts unique patterns

If you or the receiver of your gift has a liking for unique gifts, a Batik shirt for men and a dress for women are great ideas. Batik patterns are very unique. In fact, Batik clothing can be very distinguishable in rows of clothes in fashion stores. What’s more, is that the colours used for Batik clothing are also very unique. Thus, giving one to your loved one can easily make them feel special.

Batik is often printed in comfy fabrics

Unless you are tricked into buying low-quality Batik clothing, the fabrics used for Batik shirts are comfortable to wear. One of the requirements for fabrics used in making Batik is that they must be very absorbent. Thus, a Batik dress or shirt is often made of good cotton fabrics. This will ensure you that your loved ones will receive something they will not get tired of wearing.

Batik clothing is handmade

Another reason that sentimental people will love to receive Batik clothing is that it is handmade. Unlike other fabric prints that are processed by machines, Batik clothing is handcrafted by Batik artists in Indonesia. Thus, one fabric will have a distinct pattern from the rest.

Batik is a cultural masterpiece

In Indonesia, Batik printing is considered a cultural practice. Today, most Batik makers are still using the traditional way of printing the fabrics to make modern Batik dresses, shirts, and other apparel.

Batik is a local trade

The most important reason that makes Batik clothing a good gift idea is that you can support local craftsmen in Indonesia when you buy a Batik shirt for men or a Batik dress for women. What a nice feeling it would be to make your loved ones smile while helping small businesses. Visit their website.

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