What to Look for When Buying Sofa and Bed in Singapore?

How similar is a sofa to a bed? First, both of these furniture pieces come with a soft cushion. Because of this cushion, both are designed to induce comfort to the family. Moreover, we use the sofa and our bed when we want to rest or relax. Due to their many similarities, you can even find a combined bed and sofa in Singapore nowadays. Today, we will share with you what to look for when buying either a sofa or a bed for a cosier home.

Sturdy Frame

Most beds and sofas use either steel frames or wood for their base frames. While these two offer extreme durability, more people are opting for wooden frames since metal frames tend to rust after several years even with the coating. Wooden bed frames are also often used when making sofa beds or day beds due to their durability even with constant shifting.


The foam used to cushion a sofa or as a mattress for the bed is also important as it is the very thing that offers comfort. Polyurethane or memory foam is best for both sofa and bed, especially on a kid’s bed as it supports their growing bones and muscles well. If you are opting for a springier cushion, latex foam can also be a great option.


While it is more common for a sofa to have a wider range of cover options, mattress cover should also be considered. Mattresses should have soft, absorbent yet durable fabric for covers. This will help cool down the foam for a more comfortable sleep. Meanwhile, there are two options for sofa cover, fabric and leather. A fabric sofa can be less expensive than a leather sofa, although the latter can last for longer years.

That’s all about the things you need to consider when buying a sofa or a bed. Keep them in mind for your next home refurbishment to save big while making your home more comfortable for your family.

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