Boss Behavior Clothing : The Journey

Aaliyah A.
Boss Behavior Clothing

My journey

“Never ever compare, compete or complain. I say just do what you like and let your success make all the noise” – Aaliyah, His Favorite Trapper

Every day I’m writing a piece of my story and I’m not worried because I know the author.

1)What brand would you compare Boss Behavior Clothing to? Comparison is the theif of joy. I don’t compare my brand with any other brand. Boss Behavior is the sh*t . It’s the culture. It’s an army.

So many people go hard for me and I over love them for that. My customers bring their own style to the brand and that what makes Boss Behavior Clothing so unique.

I have big plans for my brand. I know whatever I want to happen will happen. I’m in no rush.

Everyone has a different journey . As a designer, I bring something different to the table.Not only I’m a young black female designer.

I’m also a young wife. I been a wife for over half of my life. And a damn good one.

I’m a mother of two. And a damn good one LOL Most importantly, a great person . So when someone say BIG Liyah or BIG BBH , I can stand on it.

My brand displays style, fashion, how I was raised , where I’m from , family , the culture , hip hop and just me as a person. My creativity comes from all that. I’m a women of God and I know anything I want in HIS NAME will prosper.

2)What’s next? Be on the look out for the movie Slime Race (Eyes Glued Production )written by Robert Solcum on Tubi. Tubi is the leading free, premium, on demand movie streaming app.

Boss Behavior Clothing is all through the movie. Huge shout outs to that.

I don’t want to give out any more . Bosses move in silence . You have to learn how to move like a shake. A snake have no ears, no voice, but has a vicious bite. Let’s just say it’s go time.

God, consistency and discipline are the keys to any success. Faith without work is dead. You got to Boss up!!! Let’s gooooooooo

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