5 Kitchen Safety Rules for Your Microwave Oven, Cooker, and Fryer

Cooking is a daily activity, meaning you must use kitchen equipment like an air fryer, microwave oven, and a multi cooker. For this reason, you have to learn some safety tips for using such items to avoid accidents. Observing safety in the kitchen area is necessary whether you’re an adult or a kid. Cooking is a good hobby, but don’t forget to familiarise yourself with safety rules.

You can use the kitchen equipment without accident by familiarising yourself with safety rules. It gives you peace of mind that you will be able to provide your family with nutritious meals. And so, here are some kitchen safety rules to remember.

1. Check if There are Flammable Objects

Since you will turn on the gas in the kitchen area, remove flammable objects around the kitchen equipment as they can cause accidents like fire breakouts. You must remove flammable objects like lighter, matches or even alcohol. Please keep checking the environment and see that it’s safe for you to use the microwave oven.

2. Check the Wirings

Of course, you also need electricity when using kitchen equipment like an electric oven. As a homeowner, you also need to inspect the wirings if they are tangled. Make sure to untangle them, as it can cause complications. Perhaps, you can also use some organiser to keep the wires free from twisting and tripping a person when walking.

3. Keep the Children Away

Cooking is a perfect bonding activity among family members, but if you let your children cook, supervise them to avoid accidents. You can teach them how to use the kitchen equipment properly and keep them safe from making mistakes. For instance, remind them there is a time limit when using a microwave oven, and overcooking can only ruin the overall result.

4. Unplugging the Kitchen Equipment

It would help if you plugged in the kitchen equipment, such as the electric oven and air fryer. After using them, don’t forget to unplug the wires to avoid accidents. It is one of the kitchen rules you should not forget because it can cause electric breakouts or overheat. Check all the sockets and ensure that everything is unplugged.

5. Use Protective Equipment

You can also use gloves to protect your hands from the heat. For instance, you can wear gloves when getting food from the microwave oven. It keeps your hand free from burns and protects you from other injuries.

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