4 Practical Ways To Be Ready In Anything With Wet Wipes

Many people tend to purchase a bulk of kitchen towels, wet wipes and tissue paper in Singapore to supply their households with sanitisation needs. One of the most commonly used sanitary items is wet wipes. We often use them for changing a baby’s diaper. However, there are numerous ways we can be ready for anything with a handful of wet tissue or wet wipes.

Disposable tissues or wet wipes can be a life saviour in some situations when we need them in the least expected scenarios. They are easy to carry and just useful since we can bring them wherever we go, plain and simple. However, many aren’t aware yet of how versatile wet wipes can be in some circumstances. Without further ado, here are ways you can be ready for anything with wet wipes:

Freshen Up

If you want to beat the summer’s scorching heat, you can buy a handful of wet wipes in Singapore to refresh your look and sensation. Whether at the beach or strolling outdoors, you can bring them anytime by storing them in your bag (along with a cooler). Thus, whenever you feel icky and sweaty after a while, you can cool yourself up with a few wet wipes. It has a favourable scent, which is a plus for some if you don’t want to smell like sweat!

Removing Your Eye Makeup

Another simple use for baby/wet wipes (especially for women) is removing your eye makeup. It’s often a hassle to remove eye makeup without spending so much time in the restroom and having to scrub your face hard with a tissue. Nonetheless, a baby wipe makes it more efficient to eliminate those makeup layers without fully submerging or washing your face with water. If you have sensitive skin, you can use some nourishment, such as a few drops of coconut oil on the wipes.

Quick Stain Remover

Another reason you should bring baby wipes or buy a wet tissue in Singapore is its usefulness for removing stains on the go. You don’t need a special cleaning agent or stain remover when dealing with spills when you have wet wipes in your bag. Wet wipes can be surprisingly potent in eliminating spills (such as pen ink or spilt juice) to prevent staining on your clothes.

Quick Cleaner for Your Pet

If you’re going out with your furry friend, you can use wet tissues/wipes to clean your dog’s paws after a walk in the park. You can also use it to remove loose hair and clean your cat’s face after having a messy lunch/dinner! It’s simply that useful.

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