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Boss Behavior Clothing : The Journey

Aaliyah A. Boss Behavior Clothing Website: My journey “Never ever compare, compete or complain. I say just do what you like and let your success make all the noise” - Aaliyah, His Favorite Trapper Every day I’m writing a piece of my story and I’m not worried because I...

The Best Ways to Keep Yarn Organized

You'll need a lot of balls to get started on your tasks. If you've been knitting for any length of time, you've probably seen how difficult it can be to prevent your yarn from being messed up. As you rise through the ranks, it's critical to maintain everything in order....

4 Mummies Tips When Dressing Their Child In Style!

Fashion has come a long way, particularly in kid's clothing. Adults are not the only ones concerned and conscious about how they look. Kids can develop that sense as well! So, for mothers who are planning to buy skirts for girls, here are some simple mummy tips for styling their...
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